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Do you want to be a part of the artist community and have a gallery at

Are you an artist working in alternative photographic processes? Show your work here! You will also get lot of exposure for your work, it will be:

  • seen by the 95 000 visitors that come to the website each month.
  • featured in our newsletter with 5000 subscribers.
  • sent out on our Facebook page (10 000 likes).
  • sent out on our Facebook group (30 000 members).
  • sent out on our Instagram (it’s new so 2 500 followers so far, but rising!)
  • sent out on our Twitter feed (2000 followers).

The objective of the gallery is to give artists exposure on the site and in the newsletter, leading to many good contacts. As you can guess, this amounts to a fair amount of work. It is therefor a requirement that you become a supporting member of the site. The cost for this is only 35 dollars a year and goes towards running costs of the site and promoting artists (your) work. Nothing else. No one gets paid and we also pay bills for the site out of our own pocket.

Send your work, what to send and how to the right. Please make our lives easy and send us ALL the stuff we mention.

If your work is accepted, it should be published within a couple of weeks, and you can start enjoying the benefits of being an artist on the site. The work is done manually and it can a week or so before your work is added. Welcome!

“As an artist on this website, you are more than just another photographer – you are part of a unique creative community.”

Only alternative photographic processes allowed in the gallery!

Please note that we only accept alternative processed images, since the site is dedicated to this. I’ll say this again: we ONLY accept alternative processed images. Silver gelatin and pinholes and transfers can be accepted if you also have other work done in an alternative process. Ask if you are unsure.

Which processes can I enter?

Digital or pinhole negative?

The way we see it is that which camera was used is irrelevant. If it was a 35mm, digital or pinhole, doesn’t matter, what matters is that an alternative process was used before, during or after the image was taken. It is more interesting to see how different techniques can be combined.

For example, a photograph that is taken with a digital camera and printed out as a negative. The negative is then developed using an alternative process. OR a pinhole and cyanotype are combined. Or any other way your experimenting comes up with.

This may seem controversial to the hard-core alt. proc. purists or historians, but we feel that limiting the way a negative is created is limiting creativity. Alternative processes are sometimes very technical and embracing new technologies and combining new and old is a positive thing.

Defintion of alt. proc

The definition of alternative photography can be debated at length. Go here to see a list of our definition of alternative or historical photographic print processes that we welcome in the galleries.

Anything except NUDES…

Please note that we don’t accept nude photography, even if they are done in a very tasteful manner. We don’t like too many rules, but there are a couple of reasons:

  • This site is open to everyone that includes educational institutions and cultures where nudity may be offensive.
  • Access would be limited for people with children that have their Safe search or ‘adult’ filter on, and people surfing at work where companies have these filters in place.

Apart from that… any other subject is good. And if you’re not sure if your images would be accepted or not, please ask.

Updating your gallery

Keep your gallery up to date. Updates are free as long as your Supporting Membership is active. If it’s expired, all you need to do is sign up again.

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  1. Thanks for the offer, though I would have made the donation anyway just for the treasure trove of information and resources you offer. Now I just need to find the time to “curate” my gallery.

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