Witho (William Thomas) was born in the Netherlands in 1959. Trained as a visual anthropologist he started a career as a commercial photographer in 1990. In 1995 he discovered the existence of 'alternative techniques'. He is now almost exclusively working with his ULF camera and printing in platinum.

Almere, where Witho now lives is located in a 'polder'- land that was once underneath the water. In his work Witho is exploring 'the human touch' in the landscape. It is the constructionist and abstract properties in relation to what can be called scenery that have his attention. The word landscape is derived from the Dutch word landscap. It was once used to describe the natural scenes in paintings. In these paintings the landscapes are much more a construction than a representation of a 'true' natural environment.

I love to take photographs from this 'man made nature' without showing the physical presence of mankind.

On the other hand he likes to photograph people too. But, in that case, they are separated from their natural habitat. He photographs them in his studio or builds one on location. The portraits in the gallery were all made in a temporary studio in one of the small villages in the so-called Noordoost Polder.



Witho Worms

Platinum & Palladiums

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