Wendy Cook is a multi media artist living and working in lower Manhattan. Wendy explains that as a result of the trauma she experienced on 9/11/01, she found she had difficulty painting. To remain creative, she began exploring Polaroid SX-70 manipulation.

Wendy says:

I like the immediacy and the mystery of this medium. There is a small window of time in which to work before the emulsion hardens. I never really know exactly what I'm going to get once I start smearing, but in the end, I am left sitting on the sidewalk with a palm-sized painting.

Wendy prints her images on 30x30" canvas to enhance their painterly qualities. She feels that the result defies definition as it is both painting and photograph.


Wendy Cook

Polaroid SX-70s

Green Market ©

Buddy ©

July ©

Unch ©

Detecto ©

Fifth Avenue 1 ©

Magnolia Baker ©

Moonlight Glider ©

Selfportain in Blue ©

Union Square ©



Polaroid Image Transfers

Fifth Avenue II ©

Wagner Park ©