Tony McLean was born in Darlington in the north of England in 1955 and became interested in alternative processes in the early nineties. He writes 'Camera & Darkroom' magazine on alternative processes and teach workshops in many of the old processes. Currently he is making images and exhibiting work in Pd/Pt, Chrysotype (gold) and gum bichromate.

Tony says about his work:

I believe the three most important factors in the 'alternative processes' are craft, control and vision.

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Tony McLean


Arran Sunset ©

Gneiss ©

Starfish ©

Turtle Rock ©


Vintage Reflections ©


Gum bichromates

Fruit ©

Xmas Cactus ©


Platinum & Palladium

Skating Rink ©

Skerne Bridge ©

Snakes Ladders ©