Tobias was born in 1976 in Germany. In 2004 he received a Diploma at the University of applied sciences in Hof.

Since 1998 he has been working freelance with typography, art and design with focus on Photography, Lino- and Woodcut, Collages, Pochoir, Artist and unique copy books and experimental film. At the moment he life and work in Hof, Germany.

Inspired by cemetarys and melancholic places Tobias also writes poems, and likes to shot abstract pictures and street art scenes.

"I combine poems with the cyanotype process to create pictures which catch moments of beauty and fleeting life. My photography is light painted emotion."



Tobias Ott


Der Tod Mit Rosen Holandersaft ©

Kugelblumen Holundersaft ©


Flower Ringelblume ©

Flowers Gerbera ©

Flowers Poppy ©

Pferdebild 1 ©

Schnipp 1 ©

Transparency of Thought 04 ©

Transparency of Thought 17 ©

Transparency of Thought 24 ©

Transparency of Thought 26 ©

Transparency of Thought 72 ©

Tree Like Skeleton ©

Wasser 1 ©