Introduced to the ammonium processes (Argyrotype, Platino-Palladiotype, Cyanotype, and Chrysotype) in the late nineties, Terri found an aesthetic that had eluded her until then. The subtleties rendered in these printing processes, combined with textured papers and velums, have not only lent to but also informed much of her imagery since then.

Enborg is most inspired creating art with that which is as intimate as the "dirt under her fingernails." Of all the mediums she has worked with over a lifetime, she feels photography best captures the sacred within the ordinary. To this end, she finds much of her work winds up becoming autobiographical, depicting eras, emotions, and transitions in her own life as well as the lives of those around her.

Although she has begun to explore digital printing/capture over the last couple of years, she returns to the hand-coating processes again and again.

There’s something about the history of it, something grounding; connecting. There’s a magic to printing in sunlight that just hasn’t gotten old. For whatever reason, my camera acts as a portal revealing the sacred within the ordinary. Maybe it’s simply because I am forced to stop, breathe, and really look.


Terri Kent Enborg



Strung Magnolia Leaves ©



Missing Bow ©

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Platinum and palladiums


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