Suzanne currently works and resides in New York City. Her interest in photography started at a young age andAnita Chernewskiat New York University introduced her to the exiting and mysterious world of Alternative Processes. Most of her recent subject matter includes wildlife, macros of plants and insects and architecture/landscapes. Most of her photographic knowledge has been gained by experimenting and sharing with other photographers and designers. In addition to various forms of photography Suzanne also enjoys working in soft pastel, graphite and silverpoint.

The Polaroid “instant” process amazes me and transfers have the same feel of magic - an image appearing before your eyes. I am fascinated by the uniqueness of each piece and how the emulsion reacts under different temperatures.



Suzanne Guinee

Polaroid Transfers


Angel of Waters ©

Bow Bridge ©

Butterfly ©


Purple Flower ©

Simplicity ©

Yellow Flower ©