Steven Pitsenbarger has had a lifelong fascination with plants. The main reason he owns a camera is to take pictures of plants. The anthotype process allows him to ditch the camera and make images of plants using their own juices. While he has made a few attempts at making anthotypes using inkjet transparencies, he has had much more fun using flowers and leaves to make direct contact prints.

Steven was born and raised in San Francisco, California, USA, where he continues to live, work, and make art. He was introduced to the world of alternative processes by Elizabeth Graves. She encouraged him to try anthotypes for a college project and he immediately fell in love with the process.

Making art is as much a part of life as eating and sleeping. Whether it be music, photography, or painting, art is essential to living.



Steven Pitsenbarger


Caricapapafuschiathym ©

Cinerariairis ©

Grevillearobustrubus ©

Iris ©

Osteospermumrasberry ©

PalmlearRedwine ©

Paphiopedilumiris ©

Philoxaneschscholzia ©

Philoxanorchid ©

Polystichumgerbera ©

Polystichumrubus ©

Polystichumtropaeoleum ©

Quercustropaeolublue ©

Rosaeschscholzia ©

Sambucusracetropaeolum ©

Schefflerasturtium ©

Solanummarginiris ©

Solanumquitoiris ©

Sparmanniantherlillium ©

Tragopogoniris ©