Steve Orrison, Jr. tends to focus his work on aspects of being an American male. His gum prints of hot rods and custom cars are no exception. He chose this medium because of the manner in which the print is made. It relates to the subject matter. Each print is built up with the care and artistry that goes into building one of the unique cars pictured.

Steve says:

Besides the process, the look of a gum print allows the car to be the subject of art, rather than just the subject as in a colour photo which can be seen in any car magazine.

Steve was born in Levittown, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Tyler School of Art with a BFA in photography. Steve currently resides in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and works as a photography teacher in a school for troubled youths.


Steve Orrison Jr.

Gum bichromates

31 Chevy ©

Pontiac ©

Pink Cadillac ©

50 Oldmobile ©

Kustom ©

34 Ford ©

5 Window ©

Trips n' Zoomies ©

Tudor Sedan ©

Chevy and GMC ©

Pinstripe ©

Stude ©

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