Stanislav was born in Leningrad (St Petersburg) in 1973. In 1983, he was admitted to Leningrad Vaganova Academic Choreographic School. Upon his graduation in 1991, Stanislav was invited to join the world re-known ballet company the Kirov theater. In 1997, he was joined the German State Opera in Berlin, and in 2000, Jorma Uotinen, the director of Finish National Opera as a lead dancer. After the long days in the ballet studios, Stanislav studies professional photography. He finds it "not easy", but an interesting world, which is not so far from art of the ballet. Stanislav now lives in Vantaa, Finland.

Stanislav discovered photography in 2003 and alternative processes in 2005 and has since then experimented with Liquid Photographic Emulsions and Bromoil.

"I would love to find my own way to express all beauty of classical ballet in photography with great help of alternative photographic processes!"

Stanislav Belyaevsky


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Liquid emulsion

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