Roy Inman has been shooting pictures professionally for fifty years, and has at various times in his checkered photography career, become bored with the making of straightforward commercial and photojournalistic images.

Of the variety of alternative processes he has experimented with, a favorite has been manipulating Polaroid Time-Zero prints shot with vintage Polaroid SX-70 cameras. Unfortunately, Polaroid Corporation has ceased production of the film. After the small number of packages that remain in warehouses and those on the odd small-town dealer's shelves are gone, the fascinating and personally rewarding process of hand-manipulating those 3"x3" prints spit out by the SX-70 camera will be lost.

Roy is currently researching other alternative processes to once again interpret the world as he sees it.



Roy Inman

Polaroid SX-70 manipulations

Atchison KS Bridge ©

Azure Lady ©

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Iowa 57 Chevy ©

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