Rocky's Biography - in a cajun drawl:
"As you may suspect, by what name I got, I am originally from south Louisiana. A place called Lafayette, that's said, "la-faa-yet". Well my papa he done cross dat Sabine River one night what when I's bout 9 or 8 and took my mama and me, to some strange place what they call hoostone.
Well I done been heare so long now I done forgot my way back. But it don't make no never mind causin I done got to likein it heare."
Well I think you get the idea... and for those who didn't get it, he's from Houston, Texas.
Rocky is proud of his Cajun Heritage but, in truth he is pretty much a converted Texan.
Rocky graduated from Texas A & M with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Distribution in January 1970. After successfully working in that field for 17 years, he decided it was time to turn his passion for photography into a full time profession. His alternative Process work has been predominately in the Platinum/Palladium process.

Rocky says about the process:

It simply fills a need I have and I like the results.

Rocky is also a member of the Professional Photographers of American Houston Chapter and The Houston Photographic Society. He is also the 2003 Editor of the Silver Image, The Houston Photographic Society Newsletter. Rocky is currently working on a portfolio of the Texas Coast in Platinum\Palladium.

Rocky says about his project:

It began simply as a fun project and although it remains fun it has become a more serious undertaking. It is an active project that may never be completed as I continue to discover more that I want to photograph.


Rocky J. Boudreaux

Platinum & Palladium

Bastrop Sunken Boat ©

Bay Fishing Shack ©

Beer Bottles Beach ©

Feeder Puddle Highway, 1960 ©

Fishing Lady ©

Galveston Graveyard ©

Golden Hinde ©

Jack up Rig ©

Pier in Fog ©

Two Seater Toilet ©