Robert was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1952. Early influences include the new medium of television and images from the first years of space exploration. A chance encounter with Edward Weston's photographs also created a marked impression. The photographer's work, captured a world of beauty in nature and everyday objects through still lifes and images of the California coast.

In a real sense, Weston taught me to see.

says Robert, who finds in the expanse of nature a freedom he has been looking for from childhood - release from painful self-absorption and a trust in the eternal. This feeling of liberation fuels his drive to pursue photography and accounts for much of the subject matter he chooses.

Robert lives in New York City and has produced portfolios from his travels. He was the first recipient of the International Photography Awards, New Discovery Award in 2003.


Robert Vizzini

Pinhole Photographs

Shot with a 4 x 5 Pinhole camera (Leonardo Superwide) using Polaroid Type 79 film (a color print film).

Guggenheim Sky ©

Atlas' View ©

Bridge To Brooklyn ©


Platinum & Palladium Pinholes

Shot with a 4 x 5 Pinhole camera (Leonardo Superwide) using Polaroid Type 55 film (a positive/negative film) using the negative to print as a Platinum/Paladium Print

El Capitan ©

Jetty View ©

Docks Eye View ©



Dawn ©

Apparent Sunrise 1 ©

Early Morning Light 4 ©

Bedtime View ©

South Tufa Study 7 ©

South Tufa Study 20 ©

South Tufa Study 21 ©

Inside Looking Out ©

Coney Island 1 ©

North Beach 1 ©

South Beach 1 ©

Hairpin To Volterre ©