Rebecca Szatkowski has been producing photographic images for twenty years, and working with alternative photographic processes for the last ten years. She began learning Photography in order to document her scenic and lighting designs for the theater. Years after finishing her Theater degree, she returned to school to receive a degree in Photography, and has taken various courses in between and after to learn additional skills and techniques.

Her work has explored issues such as gender politics, dreams, Dia de los Muertos customs, the land and ruins of the Southwest region of the United States, and various aspects of nature and natural landscapes.

I feel photography not only equips me with another language that has great universal understanding, but it also acts as a window into thoughts and impressions from my self as well as from others.

Rebecca was born in Chicago, IL and grew up in a very rural area on the coast of Maine. She and her family farmed, were surrounded by trees, and were neighbored by the Atlantic Ocean. After finishing a degree in Theater Design Rebecca moved to San Francisco, CA, and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for fifteen years. She now lives in Oakland, CA and volunteers her time teaching photography to underprivileged youth.



Rebecca Szatkowski



Leaves ©

Root Tunnel ©

Cyanotype and Vandyke


Gum bichromates / Gum oils


Bandelier Wall ©

Gum bichromate

Gum Oil ©


Anemones ©

Fern Tree ©

Fern ©


Grass ©

Horiz Succ ©

Stump Diptych ©