Rebecca learned the cyanotype process in 1982 while taking a beginning printmaking courses in art school. It was taught as an additional way to layer on images in the printmaking process. She didn’t even know it was considered an alternative photographic process until she took up the process again in 2007 and became hooked.

Rebecca is trained as a printmaker and painter and sees the cyanotype process as a way to incorporate photographic images into her work. She also likes to work in series and cyanotype lends itself to that perfectly since images can be repeated. She often makes her own digital negatives but has also used antique glass negatives, objects, and drawings on acetate to create cyanotypes. The majority of the cyanotypes are further altered with acrylic paint, ink, and pencil to create a rich, layered surface.

"With cyanotype, I can also really push an image and work with it for a while to create a whole series. Discovering cyanotype again has really changed my art."

Processes used:
I use cyanotype and toned cyanotype on paper and then hand-color the images with water media, pencil, and pastels. I consider most of what I do to be cyanotype/mixed media on paper.

Rebecca Bushner


The Dead Dance ©

Ghost People ©

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The Raven 1-0 ©

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