Ralph is a Canadian from Vancouver who started photographing at an early age, over four decades ago. For more than 25 years he has specialized in producing high quality corporate, portrait and wedding photographs. While portrait and commercial photography is an ongoing pursuit, he also enjoys and brings his creativity to his landscape, close-up and abstract work. After viewing vintage prints on a visit to Boston Ma. In the late 80s he came to appreciate the beauty of the alternative processes, and he began making his own platinum prints.

The platinum/palladium process gives me the pleasure of working in a timeless medium, that incorporates emotion and intuitiveness. There is a physical tactile quality, a depth and “look” that has to be seen, to be fully appreciated. Once seen it’ll change the way you look at photographs. Portraits look alive, landscapes and still life’s appear to have an inner glow.



Ralph Rinke

Platinum/palladium prints

Chain Links ©

Edison Gas Pump ©

Island Shepherd ©

Kalamalka Lake Log ©

Kalamalka Lake Rocks ©

Lamp Globe ©

Last Day of Summer ©

Okanagan Lake Slide ©


Rhododendron Tree ©

Sheep Before Shearing ©