Philippe was born in 1954 in Belgium. He works with many of the alternative photographic processes. He practices the tri-color gum, the carbon process, oleotype, "color" process and the cyanotype.

Philippe says about his work:

I try to give an interpretation of the subject I am photographing, rather than an exact reproduction, by playing with the medium and the appearance of the print.



Le Charbon Transfert is printed by Philippe and available - in french - from his website

Philippe Berger

Carbon prints

Carbon on Plexiglass ©

Carbon on glass ©

Skin of white carbon ©

Charbon on paper ©


Cyanotypie ©




Gum bichromates & Gumoils

Gum Bichromate ©

Gum bichromate ©

3 colour gum ©


Linotypie / Colour process / Oilprints

Linotypie ©

'Colour' process ©

Oleotype ©


Polaroid Transfers

Skin of polaroid ©