Petr (born 1964) is a photographer from the Czech republic, Prague.

He worked as a photojournalist in different Czech newspapers and magazines. He takes photos using alternative techniques such as cyanotype, vandykes and salt prints. He currently lives in London and works as a freelance photographer. Petr participates in an art group called the Czech Arthouse.

The theme of Petr photos are the nature and a view to city and industrial areas. He uses a 35 mm camera Canon AE -1, with lens Tamron 3,5 - 4,5/ 28 - 200 mm/ and Czech camera 6 x 6 cm Flexaret VII. Petr favours B/W Ilford HP 5 and makes the negatives for his prints on an ORWO and FOMA films.

"I love the nature and her unique pertness to us present the secret of perfection"


Petr Strnad


Forest II ©

Forest Water Cyanotype ©

Industrial Landscape ©

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Cyanotype and vandyke combined


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