Peter is the managing Director of an IT company within the South African Healthcare industry. He lives in Johannesburg with his wife and daughters. Peter recently upgraded to a DSLR and spends a considerable amount of his free time on photography.

While searching for something different, Peter attended an alternative photography workshop where he learnt to produce cyanotype photographs. He was fascinated with this and setup a "lab" at home and started printing using the cyanotype and van dyke processes. Peter also uses a Holga camera and has found these photographs lend themselves to the historic process. He prints using the Cyanotype II process.

"Each sun print is unique and I am fascinated with the different results I get each time I produce one of the hand-made prints."

Peter Kennedy


Atoll ©

Blue Jeans ©

Boat in Lagos ©

Church Steeple ©

Dubai Desert ©

Feet ©

Holga Bikini ©

Holga Pumula Beach ©

Holga Tracy in Waves ©

Hospital Sign ©

Knysna Heads ©

lady at sunset ©

Lets Walk ©

Moped ©

Number 4 ©

Old Books ©

Old Town ©

Seawind ©

Sunset ©

Sword ©

Trainlines ©

Typewriter ©

Ugle Bird ©

Zebra ©