Peter (born 1964) works as an artistic and professional photographer and lives in Europe Bansk, Bystrica, Slovakia. His works can be found in private collections and have been exhibited in the Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary and Israel. His main artistic objectives are closely related to black & white photography, colored photography, and noble print techniques represented by Platinotype, Kallitype, Cyanotype, Oil Print and Gum Print.




Peter W. Haas


Alligator ©

Catherpillar ©

Snake I ©

Snakes II ©

Sudek ©

Strazca i ©

V Atelieri ii ©

New Age Metaphor ©


Franz Kafka ©

Hodiny ©

Maliari Strihaju Stetce Dohola Bude Vojna Panacik ©


Shark Metaphor ©

Shell ©

Smoker Metaphor ©

St Sebastian ii ©


Not Poor Only Simple 1 ©

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Not Poor Only Simple 3 ©

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St. Sebastian ©

Old Age I ©