Pavel was born in 1972 in Russia. He lives in Kaliningrad. He studied biology and works as a logistics manager. In his spare time he is a poet, a photographer and an "independet curator". He participates in an artgroup called RTSY.

Pavel became interested in alternative processes, and especially the Cyanotype, Salt print and Kallitype processes. He uses a Zenit-11 from 1982 and a fisheye lens of 2.8/16mm to capture his images, as well as a Pentax K-1000. He favours the Kodak BW 400 C-41 and Konika VX400 mono film and makes the negatives for his cyanotypes on a laser printer using tracing paper or film.

His work has been shown on exhibtions around the world, such as Kalingrad, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chicago, Kiew and Warsaw and he is currently planning on publishing a book of verses called "Sign Language".


Pavel Nastin


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