Palma Allen, originally from Finger Lakes area of NY but currently lives near Washington DC, is a self-taught photographer with a background in music and art. She has received many awards and licenses imagery to graphic designers and publishers. Her real joy is finding personal expression, as it was when she began her photographic ventures 19 years ago. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in NY, MD and MA and is held in private collections.

It is very satisfying and challenging to successfully follow through with a personal vision.

Although the Time Zero process is relatively new to Palma she says that she finds it a more satisfying creative process than digital manipulation and she will continue working with it.

Palma says about the Time Zero process:

"When I do the shoot live I use chemical hand warmers or the heat blower in my car to warm the back of the exposed Polaroid to heat the emulsion to it's working stage.

Then I manipulate the surface to the desired effect using a brass letter opener or metal ballpoint ceramic tool.

I also use a day lab to expose slides onto Time Zero Film (or peel apart film for transfers) then follow with the warming and manipulation process. The original Polaroid is then scanned and digitally adjusted to look like the original then printed with archival inks and watercolor paper.

Infrared graveyard work is an outlet for my interest in old architecture and art, and stories about haunting and psychics. While photographing unseen light, I try to visualize what might have been or what could be."

Palma's photographic experience includes darkroom work, toy cameras, Polaroid transfers and time zero manipulation, digital capture, infrared and slide film. She has a studio in Frederick Maryland and photographs by commission and appointment. Her work is shown monthly at The Artists' Gallery in Frederick, MD. Agencies in NYC and an art broker out of Baltimore, MD also represent her work.


Palma Allen


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