Ola was born in 1977 and raised in a small town in the sothern parts of Sweden. He has been photographing on and off for several years, but just recently taken it up more seriously.

Ola says:

I experimented and came up with this technique. I try to evolve as I go on in my photography and maby that is why I like to play my way through different processes.

Notes on Ola's technique:
You take a polaroid a SX70 or a Polaroid 600 (I use 600) and half past through or all way through the development one takes off the "white framing" of the photo and the back. Then you give the photo a soft spungebath to clean all the white gue off the back, now you'll have a transparent polaroid, a bit like a OH paper. I then use old bookmars and stickers that I glue to the back of the polaroid. Then finally I glue it to a piece of white paper. You could probably combine 2 polaroids in this way too or combine it with a Cyanotype. Good luck!


Ola Svensson

Polaroid manipulations

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