Nicolai is fond of old and historic junk. Among his treasures are photographic images from the 19th century made in carved porcelain (Emaux Ombrant), ceramic Lithophane, and Woodburytype. In 1994 he began to use digital technology to re-visit these lost processes. He designed and built equipment that would carve photographic relief surfaces, and embarked on a journey that combined his interests in sculpture, ceramics, and photography.

Klimaszewski is chairman of the Photography Program at Tompkins-Cortland Community College, where he teaches introductory and advanced black and white courses.




Nicolai Klimaszewski

Carved photographs

Theo's Passport ©

Klimko Promotional Tile ©

Sparky ©

Storm Outside ©

Combined techniques

Portrait of Shu Bing #31 ©

Portrait of Sandy Skogland ©

Portrait of Richard Notkin #4 ©

Richard Notkin, Object d'Art ©

Woodburytypes / Woodbury-process

Portrait of Willie Cole ©

Portrait of Andres Serrano ©

Portrait of Andy Goldsworthy ©

Portrait of Shirin Neshat ©