Newton More has been experimenting with alternate photo processes and methods for a number of years, primarily pinhole and polaroid manipulations. His gallery shows a sample of his range of work.
Angels: 360 degree pinhole of angleirons. Paper negative, contact print.
Pinman: Pinhole, polaroid transfer that was rephotographed with polaroid pos/neg film and enlarged on separate pieces of photopaper and reassembled. Size of original is 30 in. x 30 in. and it is framed in a recycled attic fan cowling.
Bike 1: Computer-assisted assemblage of four separate 'Brownie' camera film pinholes.
3 chairs: SX-70 manipulation
Hosta: SX-70 manipulation


Newton More

Pinhole Photographs

Pinman © Angles © Bike1 ©  

Polaroid sx-70s

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