Nancy A. Coviello, a native San Franciscan, has had a love for art from the time she can remember and had studied Fine Art throughout her school career. She majored in Fine Art with an emphasis in Photography just prior the digital breakthrough. During her final year in college, she took a course in Printmaking and had combined what she was learning with photo-etching. She instantly feel in love with the process. Unfortunately, she did not continue her work for many years. She has recently started to reconnect with her inner creative energy and started to renew her artistic drive in order to produce more work. Nancy has switched from intaglio photo-etching with the less toxic solarplate. Nancy currently resides in the city she grew-up in with her son.

"The allure of photo-etching is to start with one conceptual idea and watch it transform step-by-step into something other than the original preconceived's completely enchanting!"


Nancy A. Coviello



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