Mike Ware


Fragment from a crucifix, Sicily ©

Chapel at Palaioupili, Kos ©

Glade, Stanton in the Peak ©

Stonecutters' Hut, Stanton Moor ©

Shrouded blockship, Orkney ©

Roman Temple, Asclepion, Kos ©




Cemented timber, Sicily ©
New Chrysotype

Inner Light, Sicily ©

Setting for Last Supper, Sicily ©

Deposition, Sicily ©

Juventus, Sicily ©

Confessional, Sicily ©

Ossuary, Sicily ©

The White Bird, Palermo, Sicily ©


Bridge at Buchanty ©
New Cyanotype

Gull, South Ronaldsay ©

Boulders in the Flow, Scapa ©

Glade, Stanton in the Peak ©

River Lathkill, Derbyshire ©

Rackwick at Dusk, Hoy ©

Setting for a Last Supper, Noto Antica, Sicily ©

Hellenic ©

Platinum & Paladiums (Palladiotypes)

Shrouded blockship, Orkney ©

Gull at Moi Geo, South Ronaldsay ©

Bridge at Buchanty ©

Dies Irae, Scapa Flow ©

Gritstone Blocks, Stanton Moor ©

Starpool, South Ronaldsay ©