Mike grew up in the western and mid-western U.S. and is a self-taught photographer with a degree in wildlife biology. He's always been interested in the natural sciences and art, and the two sometimes come together in a photograph, but not always. Working as a wildlife biologist provided Mike with opportunities to see some amazing places and opened up a world that is both simple and infinitely complex at the same time. Mike uses photography to show others how he sees his world and, possibly, as a window through which others could view their world in a new way. Mike uses SX-70 manipulation and emulsion transfer/lift techniques to add dimension, texture and mood created at the moment the photograph is made. It is the combination of working with the developing photograph and manipulating it by hand that allows Mike to show the confluence of human, nature, and human expression in a single process.

As our lives become increasingly cocooned by technology, convenience, the need for success, the desire to dominate, our vision narrows and we disconnect ourselves from the ecological processes that keep us alive. The act of photographing my environment engages me in a connection, a dialog, between myself and the subject. My hope is that my art stimulates the viewer to step outside for a conversation of their own.

Mike is an award-winning and published photographer. His photographs are found in the collections of an Idaho State Senator, an art gallery owner, restaurant owner, and 19 pieces in a permanent corporate collection in Atlanta, GA. Mike has had a website of his works at blueplanetphoto.com since 1994. He lives and works in Nampa, Idaho.



Mike Shipman

Polaroid SX-70s

Oldtimer ©

Cowskull ©

Capital Dome©

Plowing through the sky ©

58 Bonneville ©

Tulips 5 ©

Gargoyle ©

Bookbag ©

Nightglow ©

Junkstore 1 ©

Violets ©

Edward's Greenhouse ©