Melissa has worked in the field of photography for nearly 15 years.

“I really enjoy getting my hands “dirty” and creating something. There is nothing like the magic that happens in the darkroom.”

She uses photography to express those things that have no words to express. They are personal journeys that become more about the process than the final work.

Her photography is evolving. Her photographs are no longer just pictures. Instead, they become a face for something larger. She has begun to mount my photographs in ways that extend the concept beyond the photograph. Instead of a traditional display, she takes it further. Mounting photos on metal, windows, mirrors, whatever lends itself to complete the concept, idea, or expression. She tells a story with, not only the photographs, but with the materials around them. This is where she wants her photography to go, outside the boundaries. She is combining materials, media, and making something entirely different and a little unexpected. She has found new ways of exploring the old with the new. Creating hybrids with digital processes and alternative processes are all about creating this new expression. Art is all about exploration. She is taking hers to the next level.



Melissa Jolley



Acorn ©

Dream ©

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Leaves ©

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Cyanotype and vandyke

Fractured Kate Infrared Toning ©

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