Matt has been experimenting with wet plate collodion positive since the summer of 2003, after learning the ropes from John Coffer in the wilds of Western New York.

Subject matter ranges from friends dressing up, vintage garden gnomes, and toys, through evocative images of his topiary garden and grounds located in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts.

This historical process lends an imprimatur to more modern subjects, and forces the viewer to see familiar objects in a new, and possibly more sinister manner.

Influenced by carnival sideshows, and the Victorian sense of the macabre, he looks to recall the nightmares of a past time.

Matt, as an amateur photographer, was attracted to this process by the "hand made" quality, and near instantaneous results, combined with the historicism.



Matthew Larkin

Wetplate Collodions

Vas ©

Close Gaze ©

Gym Rat ©

Honey 1 ©

J Strange 1 ©

Pan Garden ©

Twisted 4 ©

Under Wraps El ©