Born in Kassel (Germany), Martin Helmut Reis is a visual artist and independent photo journalist based in Toronto. His artwork has been featured on the CBC, in Canadian, US & UK Film Festivals and his photography is published regularly in Brick, Canada's premier literary journal. Recent exhibitions include the Canadian Centre for Architecture and the Brighton Media Centre (UK). He has been working on alternative processes, including anthotypes, since 1999.

Martin says about his work:

"I have been working on Cyanotypes for several months now and just starting to get the hang of it... the examples provided are in two cases toned with Irish Breakfast tea a you can easily see."




Martin Helmut Reis


Cabbage Leaf ©

Anhotype 21 ©



Pont Paris ©

Jardin 26 ©

Hotel Sully ©

Quartier Latin ©

Arabian Tea ©

Jardin Sauvage ©

Jardin des Plantes ©

Des Plantes ©

Gernika ©

Untitled ©

Memories ©

A full day ©

Blue 1 ©

The Border ©

White on Blue ©

For Anna ©

Just this one ©

Blue on white ©