Maria was born in 1966, she lives in Sweden in a town seventy kilometers north of Stockholm called Uppsala. Maria discovered the alternative photographic processes when she took a course atBiskops Arnö school, which is the only school in Sweden who teaches these techniques fulltime.

At Biskops Arnö she met a teacher calledLasse Mellbergwho introduced Maria to the processes. Maria is now herself a teacher of black and white photography, when she doesn't work on her own projects.

Maria says:

The time it takes for me to make my picture is always long and there are no short cuts, therefore I value the time who makes me stand still and become a part of the picture and myself.


Maria Ahlberg

Copper Photogravure

Sarah och Blommorna ©

Sara och kanslorna ©

Sara och Ljuset ©


Gum bichromates

Saras Styrka ©