Marcia C. Sheer was born in Brooklyn in 1916. Study classical piano and in the late 1930's turned her creative focus on painting. In the early 1950s through the 1960's she painted in the abstract expressionistic style. In the late 70's Ms. Sheer shifted her creative efforts to photography. Ms.Sheer employed simple hand-constructed pinhole cameras and nineteenth century printing techniques to achieve images with a haunting, magical quality.

Marcia said about her work:

I fantasize that I control the stream of light entering the camera through it's tiny hole. This light stream gently travels around the camera's interior and I use it to paint the image onto the film with little brush-like strokes. Eventually, I control this magical light stream, will it to inscribe all the poetry and essence of what was to become a completely formed image in my camera.


Marcia C. Sheer 1916 - 1989

Pinhole Photographs & Cyanotypes

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Pinhole Photographs & Kallitypes

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