Madeleine lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland and calls herself an amateur - (since she hasn't found a way to make my photography pay yet). She has what is called a portfolio career - in the sciences, the creative arts - supported by "bread-and-butter" jobs in offices. Madeleine have been designing and making jewellery and textiles since 1980 and photographs since she was a child in the 1960s.

Madeleine's current photographic work has its roots in her scientific education and her interest in scientific illustration. Having briefly studied photography at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and having discovered the work of Anna Atkins, she felt compelled to try her hand at the techniques of cyanotype photograms. After that Madeleine was hooked!

Madeleine makes large format negatives digitally as well as making photograms. Her work has progressed to printing on fabrics has made up as silk scarves, a cotton shirt and cotton-covered earrings and brooches. She also incorporates scraps of her prints on paper in papier mache jewellery.

Working in cyanotype enables me to blur the boundaries between disciplines - wearable art, sculptural objects and 2D images - everything is possible.



Madeleine Shepherd


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