Linda is a professional photographer working in Sheffield UK. Having moved on from studying photography at a technical college, she recently completed a BA Fine Art, and is now studying for an MA in Photography at DeMontfort University.

Linda says:

I feel that photography is an exciting visual medium to be involved in.

Genius Loci
A small portfolio of cyanotypes, taken in a decommissioned hospital in my (then) home town of Buxton, Derbyshire. Partly stripped of fixtures and fittings, the building resonates with a sense of absence and presence. The blue of the cyanotype amplifies this sense of loss, and at the same time, instils a sense of calm.
The images formed the nucleus of an installation piece I did for my degree show. For the final piece, the 4x5 cyanotypes were copied onto 35mm slide film, and projected in a two projector slide presentation onto an old hospital screen. Furthermore, a sound recording of my footsteps was mixed with a voice narrating words taken from interviews with staff who used to work in the hospital. Through this piece of work I feel it is important to consider that the photographic image can be used as the basis for further experimentation.


Linda Bussey


Tight Muscles ©

Sensitive Stumps ©

Electric Wheelchairs©

Low back pain technique ©

Up to their chests in hot water ©

A double amputee from ward one ©

They knock you out then you don't see anymore ©

A long hosepipe with a precise jet ©