Lene Bennike is a Danish documentary and portait photographer. Having worked a lot abroad, recording her experiences, to share with others the sources of her inspiration through a variety of captivating photographic techniques such as polaroid transfer, cyanotype, platinum-palladium printing and photogravure. Lene is responsible for the international exhibition of The Desertwomen's Quilts which includes 45 cyanotype portraits. A photographic essay on the topic was published in 2004. Lene works with alternative photographic techniques since 1996.

"It was in the winter that I started to work and experiment with the old and time consuming photographic processes - cyanotype. As the imposing images of the desert women came to life on the heavy, wet watercolor paper, I realized that I had the key to a story about proud women and their beautiful quilts. This is a story where quilts
and photographs go hand in hand: each with their own slow process and deep-grained tangible texture. The story, told with love and respect, dedicated to my dear friends in Kutch - who with their ever-open arms of hospitality and rare warmth welcomed me into their fascinating world."

Lene Bennike


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