Lee had chosen the alternative processes he works in because they allow him to take control of every aspect of the work, infinite variables in paper texture, tone, color and contrast. The Platinum/Palladium and Polaroid Transfers yield the most accurate representation of his vision.

I make no pretentious claims about the photographs that I make, they are the visual documentation of my experiences and emotions. They are my moments of revelation, those brief instances when the real world merges with the one I imagine.

After graduating from the U.S. Naval School of Photography and completing my tour of duty Lee began working as an architectural photographer in historic preservation, working mainly on projects for the Historic American Building Survey and private renovations in the Historic District of Savannah, Georgia. He began actively showing his artwork in galleries and exhibitions 1990. Lee still accepts commercial commissions but his current focus is on his personal work. Lee now live in North West Florida, U.S.



Lee Edward Carpenter

Polaroid Transfers

The Field ©

Bay Oak ©

Four Brown Pears ©



Tybee Light ©

Anne's Lace ©

Brothers Dock ©

Pelicans ©

Open Door ©

Birdbath ©

Kudzu ©