Lars lives in Sweden on a little island in the Lake Mälaren where he works as a teacher and gives courses in alternative processes. He teaches mainly copperphotogravure, but also gum bichromate, cyanotypi and palladium. The courses are 34 weeks long, which gives the plenty of time to experiment with different processes.

Lars says:

"With my own photography has it been more and more about making some kind of diary over my life."

Lars often uses a process called the Jemsebymethod to enlarge negatives. Apart from the alternative processes, he also work mostly with diffrent silvergelatin processes, using no developer and does his own printing out paper from old photopapers. Lars experiemnts a lot and often uses the sun or UV light to expose his work.



Lars Mellberg

Gum bichromates / Gummitryck

Blommor ©
Gumprint from separationsnegativ from the camera.




Pop prints & Copper Photogravures

Ljuset 1 , selfportrait ©
Homemade pop

Ljuset 2 ©
Contactprint on homemade pop paper no toning, no developer

Boda ©
Copper photogravure


Julia 3 en Face ©
Homemade pop

Julia, 25 juni 2003 ©
Homemade pop

Julia, juni 2003©
Homemade pop