Kurt Nissen is from Hedehusene in Denmark. He has worked with silver-salt processes, find Cyanotypi, Kalligraphy, Gum-print and Salted paper the most interesting processes. He has started with photopolymergravure and this non toxid process is given so much space to express myself and make some artistic noble prints. Kurt is a self-taught photographer and has won awards for his work.

Kurt says about his work:

"Photography is just one of many processes I do. I like to give my images a very personal and artistic statement and i find the old processes is given me just the freedom to express that."


Kurt Nissen


Vaerloese Church ©

Wedding Bouquet Water Colour ©

No 1 ©

Miss Maribo ©

Small Bridge ©


Gum bichromates

Green Forrest ©

Miss Maribo ©


Polymer Gravures

Tower Watch ©

Underwood ©

Anker Henriette ©

Kulbjerg ©

Forrest ©

Natur 1 ©

Natur 2 ©

Natur 3 ©


Loko ©

Chanterelles ©

Girl with Fur ©

Miss Maribo ©

Berlin Underground ©

Cisternerne ©

Rain ©


Door 2 ©

Waiting ©



Polaroid SX-70s

Hammers Gaard ©

Fisherboat ©


Solvent transfer and Combination print

Combination printing ©

Solvent transfer ©