Kris is an avid photography hobbyist. He has been kicking around various imaging methods for a couple of decades now. Kris loves to explore the processes of perception through light and shape, angle and shadow, the chemistry and the presentation. He can usually be found in some out of the way corner working with one or another of his trusty cameras, be it a pinhole, a 35mm, 6x6 or his SpeedGraphic that seems to scare everybody. Or, he can be found puttering away in his darkroom attempting to work out some obscure process. He lives in Rockland County, New York, USA.

I decided to experiment with uranotype precisely because of its very obscurity... The process becomes part of the picture’s mystery, the presentation part of its appeal.



Kris Haggblom



Ascending ©

Diane ©


Untitled ©

Magnetism ©

Lonely Angels ©

Brush Angel ©

Uranium prints

Pursuit ©

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