Kevin lives in upstate New York and works as an educator at a nationally-known art museum. Among many other programs and workshops, he especially enjoys making cyanotypes with children during the summer months.

Kevin also teaches classes on photography and photographic processes at a community darkroom in his hometown. He has a BFA from Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY, with a concentration in photography and painting, and is looking forward to receiving his MFA at a yet-to-be-determined graduate school. Kevin prefers traditional darkroom methods of processing and works mostly in black and white. He has recently engaged himself more into alternative methods of photography due to his love of art history, experimentation, and the beautiful and unexpected effects possible with such processes.

Alternative photography to me is wonderful because it is tactile. I need to feel the paper, smell the chemicals, immerse myself in every step of the process. When you place a bit of your own history on paper, it should be done with reverence.



Kevin Q. Gray

Polaroid Emulsion Lifts

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