Ken (b. 1955) grew up in southern Indiana, and he began photographing around age ten with an old twin-lens reflex camera and continued into his twenties. After earning a degree in anthropology from Indiana University in 1980, Jackson laid photography aside for a number of years while working as an archaeologist, and also as a performing and recording musician.

In 1999 Jackson heeded his long-neglected aspiration to explore photography as an expressive medium and he took up camera work again. While he has had some formal training in courses and intensive workshops, Jackson is largely self-taught. He now lives in southeastern North Carolina (USA), where he has made his home since 1998.

"Several years ago I became enamored of palladium and platinum prints with their richness and subtlety, and I found the versatility of the ziatype process especially attractive."


Ken Jackson


ACL Railroad Trestle ©

Pinhole negative

Cape Fear Rising ©

Cherub and Banyan Tree ©

Cypress Glade ©

Holga negative


Fish Trap Stairs ©

Covered Bridge and Passersby ©

Pinhole negative

Path to Fish Trap ©