Kathy Wismer, born in Taiwan, has lived most of her life near Kansas City. She has been a freelance photographer for over 15 years, working with different camera formats and currently digital cameras. About 7 years ago, she discovered Altered Polaroids and became hooked on this creative process. Horses are her favorite subject, but she loves the surprise of finding interesting subjects wherever she travels. Kathy graduated from the University of Kansas where she studied fine arts, photojournalism and art history. She currently makes her living as an equine photographer. With the decline of Polaroid's Time-Zero film, Kathy is excited to learn new alternative processes.

While my roots are in traditional photography, I have found new energy in this creative process.



Kathy Wismer

Polaroid SX-70 manipulations

Blue Screen Door ©

Horses ©

Longhorn ©

Nasha I ©

Old Truck Plattsburg ©

Orange Coat ©

Palomino ©

Paschinka ©

Red Umbrella ©

Shaman ©

Sunflowers ©

Sunset Motel ©


Wild Horses in Flowers, Abaco ©