In his own words:
I remember the first photograph I took. It was 1976 and I was brought to the Zoo after my first Communion, a Dublin ritual. My Mum had
given me her old camera, an Agfa Iso-Rapid II which took an obsolete cartridge film format a bit like a larger version of 110 film. I took a photo of the parrots in the birdhouse and of the giant crocodile in the old Victorian lizard house yawning - my first "decisive moment"! Anyway, when the photos came back from developing it was amazing to see how what I'd seen through the tiny plastic-lensed viewfinder translated into the final photo.

Influensed by Robert Capa Karl saved up and bought a Russian Lomo camera and invested most of his spare cash in equipment and film. After some freelance work Karl switched back to street and landsape photography, often wandering round Dublin with his meter and a camera and a pocketful of T-Max 400 film. He continued to work in this way for many years, experimenting with various techniques all the time and learning by trial and error.

Karl finally decided to quit his desk job and use the opportunity to fully explore his skills as a photographer. When Karl is not behind a camera he writes write music for film, tv and advertising. He lives in Dublin, Ireland.

I look forward to creating new work in the years ahead and in particular to furthering my alternative process large format work.


Karl Burke


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