It takes ingenuity, passion and dedication to be a living, working, Canadian artist. Karen certainly qualifies. A watercolourist at heart, her facility extends to other mediums. Working in series, she explores different realms of thought and experience. The Polaroid Image Transfers she does show off her photographic talents to explore issues of our humanity. They are small, intense and very expressive, often bursting out of the frame. Emulsion Transfers are used to produce transparent ghosts of the past. Her historical collages make use of antique photographs, (applied as Image and emulsion transfers), memorabilia, and hand drawn images to create stories otherwise lost to time.

"Image and emulsion transfers allow me to deeply explore symbolism and series. The density of emulsion, combined with the small size, create the evocative, intense imagery that I love."


Karen Phillips Curran

Polaroid image transfers

Apple of his Eye ©

Badminton ii ©

Blissfully Unaware ©

Blue Shutters Cuba ©

Caravangirls ©

Chein Development ©

Critical mass ta Kuo ©

Emerald Shadows ©

Frantic Language ©

Headless Hobos ©

Her at the Door ©

Kingfisher ©

Rose Petals Fell ©

Soaring under Current ©

Stones and Tile ©

Tsui Assembling ©

Under this Sun Coralita ©

Wall and Shadows ©