Karen grew up in Porterville, California, a small town that straddles the Great Central Valley and the Sierra Nevada foothills. She moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid-70s to attend college (BA from Santa Clara University), and has been a Bay Area resident every since, currently residing in Sausalito, CA. She has studied with Kathleen Carr (author ofPolaroid Manipulations: A Complete Visual Guide to Creating Sx-70, Transfer, and Digital Prints andPolaroid Transfers: A Complete Visual Guide to Creating Image and Emulsion Transfers) in workshops in California and at the Photographer's Formulary in Condon, Montana, honing her skills in image and emulsion transfers as well as SX-70 manipulations.
Karen Nichols is fascinated with the process of creating art that blurs the line between photography, illustration and imagination. The Polaroid image and emulsion transfer processes have provided ideal media in which she can explore her artistic vision.

Karen says about her work:

"The process provides a tactile connection to my work: I get my fingers into the emulsion and scrape, smoosh, dab and massage the image into my vision of what it should be. Often, it is hard to define what the finished product is: photograph? illustration? watercolor? If you can't tell, I consider the artistic exercise a success."



Karen Nichols

Polaroid Image Transfers

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