Karen’s work expresses the basic visual and textural substrate of her life in the city. Each 2D piece or bookwork draws from the textures and rhythms of urban color and patterns, architectural motifs, and remnants of urban decay. At play are visual echoes of familiar patterns and shapes in different contexts. All images are from photographs Karen’s taken where she lived and traveled, all other sorts of marks are her own or from found objects. She works on both paper and fabric. Each piece is unique.

After previously working in other media, Karen discovered that using the hand-applied vintage photo-printing processes of cyanotype and Van Dyke brown enabled her to create unique prints that combine different kinds of marks and imagery (including stitching) on a single surface in an improvisational manner. She enjoys printing with the sun.

Karen lives and works in Somerville, MA, USA.

Using the hand-applied vintage processes of cyanotype and vandyke brown enables me to create prints in which I can layer and otherwise combine different kinds of imagery, marks, and textures on a single surface without a darkroom or a press.



Karen Molloy



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Vandyke Browns


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