Judith Monroe, from Antelope, California, USA, is a photographic artist, working with alternative processes to create one-of-a-kind handcolored works. Judith first fell in love with photography as a college student in the 1980s, but quickly discovered that conventional papers and films couldn't produce the images she remembered and felt when she first captured the images with her camera. She then began a course of independent study and experimentation, leading her to handcoloring and a love of Polaroid processes. Whether starting with traditional black and white photographs or color Polaroid transfers, Judith focuses on revealing her memories of the emotional and spiritual pull of the landscapes she has found, evoking a personal response in viewers. Judith's unique creative process has been featured on national television and in local media; her work is included in private and public collections throughout California.

"My goal in all of my photography is to share my original experience with viewers, to communicate how I feel as I create. Polaroid image transfers and handcoloring give me the expressive tools to share my vision."


Judith Monroe

Handcoloured polaroid transfers

Above Eagle Falls ©

Almond Orchard ©

American River 1 ©

American River 3 ©

American River 5 ©

Aspen Meadow ©

Zephyr Cove ©

Coming Down Mt Tam ©

Emerald Bay ©

Fishin Spot 1 ©

Fishin Spot 2 ©

Fishin Spot 3 ©

Pink Thistle ©

Spring Oak 7 ©

Sunflower ©

Tahoe Vista Meadow 1 ©

Tahoe Vista Meadow 2 ©

Tahoe Vista Meadow 3 ©

Two Oaks ©

Under Spring Oaks ©


White Rock Hills 1 ©

White Rock Hills 2 ©

White Rock Hills 3 ©