Jonathan, from Tenants Harbor, Maine, USA, is a self-taught photographer, who began his fascination with the 'Diana' camera (a $2 plastic toy) in 1979. His esoteric gold-based split-toning techniques support the real yet dramatically transformed imagery he finds in Mexico, coastal Maine, France and other favorite haunts. He exhibits nationally and internationally, and his work is featured in many collections including The Bibliotheque Nationale, The Royal Photographic Society, and Centro Fotografico Manuel Alvarez Bravo - as well as The Denver, Brooklyn, and New Orleans Museums of Art.
Jonahtan also lectures frequently and teaches several workshops annually. His offbeat and irreverent teaching style draws from his diverse life experiences, including five years of commercial lobster fishing and a passion for wine making. Jonathan also teachesworkshops.

Jonathan says about his work:

I have come to think of himself as a midwife in the image making process, wholly entrusting himself to the materials and to the processes.




Jonathan Bailey

Gelatin Silverprints

3 Over Sierra Madre, Mexico ©

Washington DC ©

Valladolid, Mexico ©

St George Maine 1 ©

Rockland, Maine ©

Puerto Escondido, Mexico ©

Approach of Cape Cod Canal ©

Carnival Lapaz Baja ©

Tunafishing off Gloucester ©

Playa del Carmen, Mexico ©

Metropolitan Museum of Art ©

St George Maine 2 ©

Moustiere Ste Marie, France ©

Merida Mexico ©

Interstate 80 West ©

Bonnieux France ©

Alaska ©

San Fransisco ©