Jon has been doing photography in one form or another since he was a teenager in the 1950's, almost everything except large format. He is currently culling his thousands of Kodachrome landscapes taken over the years for Polaroid image transfer candidates.

Jon likes to print on various surfaces such as papyrus, silk, and different art papers.

I once found an artist that figured out how to print on metal, but she wasn't telling how...

A new project involves making large (8"x12") digital black and white negatives for printing Cyanotypes. Jon consider hisself an artist and an advanced amateur in photography as he makes his living in the financial world. Jon currently lives in San Diego, California with his wife of 40 years.


Jon Hartz



1958 Cyanotype Self Portrait ©

1958 Cyanotype with Cat ©


Polaroid Image Transfers

Taos Pueblo Church Detail ©

Taos Pueblo Door ©

Canyon ©

Canyon de Shelly ©

Christos Umbrellas ©

Duck Pilings Papyrus ©

Folsom Biker ©

Isleta Pueblo ©

Monument Valley ©

Santa Cruz Bridge ©

Southampton Bay ©

Taos Pueblo ©

Isleta Pueblo Home ©

Johnson's Oyster Farm ©

Johnson's Oyster Farm 2©

Kites Over San Gregorio ©